talk to a friend


Text and audio messages day or night. Confidential. Sip some coffee. Chat. A voice of calm on the other end of the line outside of your day to day. Friendly, real, supportive. Encouragement. Motivation. Just generally feel better.

Bridgett attended Duke Integrate Medicine for Life Wellness Coaching and works confidentially with artists globally. For private coaching, or in-person support, reach out at “When life feels hard, I can help.”


1. I thought Bridgett was a musician and artist. What exactly is this offering?

Absolutely. Bridgett is constantly creating music and art. But her “day job” is helping people in one way or another – sometimes through traditional means and sometimes by doing things that are quite frankly, not at all typical or ordinary. Connection is super important to her. People tend to trust Bridgett because she’s down to earth, warm and listens without judgment. She’s creative af and has had her share of life difficulties, so she gets it. And honestly, she’s also just pleasant to listen to. That’s why her voice sometimes soothes people to sleep or calms anxieties. People just generally feel supported because she actually gives a shit. You can always message Bridgett any time for free. But if you want dedicated support and attention, you should try this.

2. What’s the refund policy?

Sure. If you change your mind, we can stop payment and refund a month, no problem.

3. What will I get from this experience?

Bridgett has been a dedicated friend and life coach to people all over the world and has helped support and love people through suicidal thoughts, past trauma, current anxieties, relationship difficulties, feeling of low self-worth, creative blocks and loneliness. Sometimes a friendly voice on the other end of the line is enough to more than brighten your day. Sometimes you share something deeply personal. But, you will genuinely feel better, uplifted and connected to joy through these chats (audios and texts). Previous clients/friends have reported increased peace, clarity and happiness

Super simple. Not overly complicated. Like a living room chat. A dedicated listener and encourager with some serious skills and lots of love. “