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Bridgett is an indie singer-songwriter, model, podcaster, life coach, parent and all-around creative. 

With major influences from Throwing Muses, The Sundays, The Innocence Mission and Catpower, her music is often gentle, sometimes heartbreaking and always emotionally-driven. After a very long absence from music (with her indie-rock band Lurve performing in North Carolina), she’s emerged to write over twenty songs in 2020 and 2021. Bridgett is also currently in on-going collaborations with musicians around the world lending lyrics and vocals. 

She writes and performs with her acoustic guitar, but longs for the loud beautiful slightly distorted indie rock sound that comes with a full band. Perhaps in future…

Bridgett has leaned into reinvention and playfulness. The nonconventional, the unexpected. Experiencing freedom, thoughtfulness and creation on new levels.

Though completing her life coaching training at Duke back in 2013, she’s since been completely reinventing the nature of what it means to be a life coach, with incredible results.

As she began music anew, wrote poetry, tried her hand at cartooning, writing erotica and even modeling, the modeling stuck. Bridgett now creates art through self-portraits. She plays with identity and sensually. The work is playful, creative, often sexy and sometimes erotic. But don’t put too much meaning into it. Mostly, they’re just pics…. for self-expression. Effortless and fun. 


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