The Back Room Bxo


the back room is an artist support member-based creative space. 

$30 gets you lifetime access. what’s inside?

MUSIC… musical works in progress + rare glimpses into the songwriting process

you’ll hear delicate fragments of songs in sections of 20 seconds or 3 minutes as the songs were forming. many were recorded on my iphone and weren’t originally created for public sharing. raw, intimate. songs in the creative process. 

VIDEOS… music videos, dance videos

these are music videos i created based on a feeling and an intention. slow-motion is a favorite. you’ll also get an occasional dancing with life video as i share private playful moments in my kitchen or living room

30+ PHOTO GALLERIES… all of the catalogued photo galleries from 2020 into 2024

bridgett started taking self-portraits in 2020. this membership houses all of those photos and the progression over time. it’s 3+ years’ worth of photo galleries and experimentation. the evolution over time is stark. 

INTIMATE… back room photos

these are the images that were designed for a private space. more revealing, more intimate, bolder – still with the aim that “less is more” when it comes to erotic, sensual and playful display

should i buy it?

you should join if you want to support bridgett xo with an artist contribution. you should join if you love behind the scenes content from her. you should join if you have a strong audio and visual artistic appetite. 

you can contribute $30 here and i’ll email you the password. 

lots of love, b xo

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