Amelie Motivationals


Free 5 minute sample available for download here. Yours to keep.

soothing audios to uplift and inspire

delivered once a week when you subscribe here

one-time payment guarantees 3 months of amelie audios

refundable if you’re unhappy

lots of love


what are amelie motivationals?

bridgett creates soothing vocal audios that involve windows into real life and sensory experiences. you’ll occasionally hear excerpts from her day to day told in a calming voice. you’ll be invited to imagine. you’ll be surrounded by lovely thoughts and images. you’ll always receive words of care and validation and positivity.

what exactly do you receive?

you’ll receive a download link (so each audio is yours to keep forever) on a weekly basis. audios range from 2-20 minutes in length.

what benefits will I get from this?

some people report feeling a sense of calm. for some, it soothes anxiety and their overall nervous system. for others, it helps them get through feeling down and face the day. for others still, it inspires them to get into their art or music and create and play. so basically, you’ll feel better. 

anything else I should know?

bridgett actually cares. if you’re not happy for any reason, you’ll be completely refunded. if you have something to share, she invites direct messages. 

please be advised that audios will be recorded on a quality microphone for an exceptional audio experience. however, ambient sounds are occasionally floating through the audios. a favorite is the sound of the dryer – which is a part of sunday afternoons. be invited into this world. creating peacefulness, calm and warmth inside and out is a good thing.

you’ll receive your first full audio within 48 hours at most. in the meantime, download the sample above. lots of love