the living room is an experimental virtual (and eventual physical) space for connection and live music. 

guided by bridgett, designed with artists and lovers of indie music in mind. 

expect some deep breathing, some laughs, some conversation

real talk about life, guidance and introspection

the world is a hard place, let’s make it nicer

“outside is scary, inside is lonely. we need a third place”

sharing not required, but you’re invited

somewhat experimental in nature, though i’ve led many wellness and life coaching groups and mindfulness workshops in a former life

this is loosely structured. the purpose is connection, the end result should be that you feel inspired, and your soul feel a bit lighter

live music may happen

contribute if you like, payment not required

dm me or reply to my email for interest, questions and the link

first one is wed, oct 25th at 7pm EST

will go live even if only one person participates 🙂

hope to see you there